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Government Websites

3 Ways to Optimize your Website to Improve Citizen Service

There were more than 3 billion visits to federal government websites in the past 90 days. Whether it’s the IRS or U.S. Postal Service, government agencies provide Americans with public services on their d...


Creating an Ideal “About Us” Page

The About Us page. Why do customers go there? Normally, it’s to check that you’re the right fit for their requirements. To check that you can deliver what they need. And to see if you’re the kind of business or...

Federal Awards News Release

Colonial Systems Selected as Prime Contractor for North Cascades Interpretive Film

Appomattox, VA – Colonial Systems LLC. announced today that it has been selected as the prime contractor to produce an ultra-high definition interpretive film for the North Cascades National Park Service ...

Federal Awards News Release

Colonial Systems Provides Videography Support Service to the Army Corps of Engineers

Little Rock, AR- Today, Colonial Systems LLC announced today the completion of a videography contract for the United States Army Corps of Engineers. Colonial Systems produced a video documenting the Three River...