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Creative Digital Storytelling

Colonial Systems LLC is a full-service multimedia design and video production agency located in historic Appomattox, Virginia. Founded in 2017, Colonial Systems seeks to become a leading provider of multimedia services to the public sector.


The industry sectors we served include

  • Commercials-Icon

    Commercial Production

    A short video advertisement (generally 30-60 seconds) that is heavily brand oriented gains the attention of your audience and promotes your company, product, or service.

  • Branded-Videos-Icon

    Branded Video

    The goal of a branded video is to display the mission or message behind your company instead of trying to sell something. These videos tend to humanize your company by connecting you to your customers.

  • Video-Series-Icon

    Video Series

    A collection of videos with the same theme and end goal in mind. Most commonly composed of 3 or more videos with a universal appeal to customers of all kinds.

  • a-booklet

    Educational and Training Video

    Content that is informative, useful, and share-worthy. These videos can be used to position your company as a thought leader in your field of work and orient your employees to their environment.

  • Music-Video-Icon

    Music Videos

    We creatively portray the story behind your song through strategic location scouting, storyboarding, and editing.

  • Post-Production

    Post Production Support

    Services include creative editing, color correction, narration, music score composition, sound design, lower thirds/on-screen text, motion design, and animation.