Creating an Ideal “About Us” Page

The About Us page. Why do customers go there? Normally, it’s to check that you’re the right fit for their requirements. To check that you can deliver what they need. And to see if you’re the kind of business or service provider they feel they can trust. So, how do you make your About Us page compelling and reassuring?

Keep it factual, yet engaging

The perfect About Us page is not a sales page, although it will ultimately help you sell your product or service. It’s a page to tell your story, without over-hyping it. Overly ‘salesy’ language is best avoided. Say what you do, why you do it, and try and engage your potential customers with your passion for your work. Ideally, you shouldn’t repeat the information you’ve included on your home page. This is an opportunity to give a few key achievements, explain how you got into the business you’re in, and explain why you’re an expert at what you do.

Tailor your style to your audience

All media works best when it’s directed toward the target audience. Websites are no different. The language you choose will determine how well your readers relate to what you have to say. If it’s a product aimed at kids, keep the sentences short and the wording simple- after all, a mom or dad might read the description to their kids and you want them to be engaged. A product or service for other businesses or professionals should be described with professional language, and so forth.

Find a way to inspire trust

Your About Us page replaces the traditional face-to-face conversation with a salesperson or store owner. Because of this, it’s important that this page sets your customer at ease and inspires them to trust you. Write about real-life aspects of your business; your physical location, any ties to the community, existing customers (if appropriate- think about brands you may have partnered with), your goals and hopes for the future of your business. When customers can feel that there is a human behind the internet page, they are much more likely to stay on the website.For more advice on website design and all things digital, contact us and we’ll be glad to help.

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