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Colonial Systems Selected as Prime Contractor for North Cascades Interpretive Film

Appomattox, VA – Colonial Systems LLC. announced today that it has been selected as the prime contractor to produce an ultra-high definition interpretive film for the North Cascades National Park Service Complex.

The North Cascades National Park Service Complex, located approximately 100 miles Northeast of Seattle, Washington is one of the most remote and untouched National Parks in the United States. Most visitors to the park drive its width during the summer months along route 20 which bisects the park. The purpose of this film will be to allow casual visitors to see what exists in the vast rugged interior of the park. Managing Partner Nathan Simpson and film producer Jon Long will travel out to the park next month for an introductory meeting with the National Park Service Staff. Filming will take place throughout 2019 with a tentative release date of 2021.

Managing Partner Nathan Simpson stated, “Colonial Systems was founded with the belief that interpretive storytelling could help preserve our national treasures for generations to come, we hope that this film will inspire a new generation of Americans to preserve the natural wonder of the North Cascades.”

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