Federal Awards News Release

Colonial Systems Provides Videography Support Service to the Army Corps of Engineers

Little Rock, AR- Today, Colonial Systems LLC announced today the completion of a videography contract for the United States Army Corps of Engineers. Colonial Systems produced a video documenting the Three Rivers Integrated Feasibility Study. This film documented the problems facing a critical component of the nation’s infrastructure and outlined the Corp’s recommendations to increase the efficiency and resiliency of the waterway.

In March, Managing Partner Nathan Simpson and Lead Videographer Nick Mendoza traveled to Arkansas to meet with United States Army Corps of Engineers officials and film the survey area. Recent heavy rains had left the Arkansas River significantly swollen and allowed the videography staff to fully document the challenges facing the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System. Using both traditional film and UAV capabilities, the videography staff produced a film that will be provided to the Chief of Engineers, select members of Congress and senior Army leadership.

Managing Partner Nathan Simpson stated that projects like the Three-Rivers study really demonstrate the mission and capabilities of Colonial Systems’ videography services. Nathan stated, “This experience really showcased our ability to use creative storytelling to explain complex and critical problems to the general public.”

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